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Caring for a picture.

The house painting creates comfort, style affects the interior, but if you do not take care of the canvas, it ceases to bestow you an aesthetic pleasure. So a few simple rules will enliven your gallery. First - do not let direct sunlight fall on the picture. Sun heats the oil and turns the canvas into a piece of unusable material. The same oil may become darker. The second room must be maintained at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees with a constant humidity of 70-77%. It is not recommended to hang pictures in wet areas such as bathroom or kitchen where there are constantly evaporating! Further, it is not necessary to send a powerful light directly at the picture it can also damage the track. The light source must be located no closer than 50 cm from the picture, use a new type of lamp, they are not heated and illuminated with white light that allows you to take better images. Wipe periodically dust with a linen cloth, but do not soak the picture. If suddenly the edge of your picture swollen or formed into a tube, grab a sponge, soak it with water and moisten the back of the picture, after drying it straight, edges. These instructions will help keep your relationship with the paintings for many years.

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